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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 6, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's mild 37 here in d.c., leesburg and winchester with highs going into the mid-40s. i'll be back in a few minutes. we have a potential wintry issue friday morning for some. right now let's go to monika. she has timesaver traffic. thank so you much, howard. overall things haven't been looking too bad on the roadways, but there has been a pretty big situation on vre with a broken rail. there's been no service at the break station this morning -- at the brooke station this morning. use metro instead and save yourself that hassle. let's take you to the northbound side of 95. you have delays coming frup dale city to wood -- coming up from dale city to woodbridge. let's show you some cameras on the inbound side of i-66. slowing out of manassas into centreville and here in the fairfax area. a live look on the other side northbound 395. still looking pretty good here at duke street. one more last live look on the beltway in prince george's county here in good luck road. no issues to report.
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back to you. >> thank you, monika. two local jewelry store robberies in two days. terrifying shoppers in similar ways with their smash and grab, all caught on camera. >> it doesn't matter it was in the daylight and there were cameras everywhere. they flew in there and did it anyway. delia goncalves is at one of the locations with more details. >> reporter: police say this was a brazen robbery in both case. fortunately no one was hurt. and that is the good news but it could have really gone terribly wrong. the first robbery happened here at pentagon city mall, very busy as we all know. the second, the very busy downtown frederick. now police in both jurisdictions are working together to try to solve these crimes and quickly. take a look at surveillance video of tuesday's robbery, 1:30 in the afternoon at colonial jewelers in downtown frederick. three men run into the store, force employees down to the floor at gunpoint. spray others with pepper spray and then smash into the jewelry
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case. over at zales in pentagon city monday, four men run two employees out of the shop, smash the glass case, and take off with $127,000 worth of rings. >> very bold behavior. a crowded mall, 11:00 a.m. broad daylight, very bold behavior. this is something we haven't seen in arlington for a while. >> reporter: very bold behavior. they haven't seen it in a while so they'll work very hard to try to get to the bottom of this before it happens again. you can imagine that other jewelry store owners and employees are on edge after seeing this incredible video all caught on tape. now the suspects both had getaway cars and fled from the scene but you can imagine that it would be hard to remain unnoticed in a very congested community like arlington as opposed to frederick and its countryside. but police are hoping you can help catch these suspects.
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we're going to have one last look at the surveillance video coming up in a half-hour. back to you. >> delia goncalves reporting live from arlington, the site of one of those bold robberies. late night northwest shooting has left a suspect and a police officer wounded this morning. police were responding to a domestic violence call on 13 rght street northwest. when they -- 13th street northwest. when they got there they say the man pull add knife and stabbed the officer twice in the back. that's when police shot the suspect in the temple. the suspect is still alive hospitalized in serious condition. the officer was treated and released. an obama memo authorizing drone attacks against u.s. dozens working with terrorists over seas, the justice department says the government doesn't need evidence that an attack is imminent, just that the suspect is actively plotting against the united states. president obama is headed to israel.
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the white house confirms the president will be in the west bank of jordan coming up in march. this is going to be the first time he's visited the country since he took office. mitt romney jumped on that fact during the last election claiming the president doesn't support the jewish state. the white house maintains president obama has a solid relationship with israeli leaders. a 6.9 magnitude quake off the solomons islands has destroyed dozens of homes. the quake struck at 11:00 a.m. local time prompting warnings and watches from several island chains but most were canceled. 6:04. jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> you've probably gotten your w2s in the mail recently. that means tax season is getting started. it's also apparently in time for identity theft. >> that's right. tax season also become prime time for fraud season. whether you're filing your returns online or through the mail, it's worth a few reminders to keep personal information safe and away from
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identity thieves. here are some tips that you're going to want to put into action, a big one right off the gate, don't carry documents with your social security number or your individual taxpayer identification number right on it. also, don't give that information over the phone, through the mail or over the internet. this is unless you are the one who initiated the conversation in the first place. make sure the computer you're using has updated antispam and virus software as well as all of those updated security patches and no matter how busy you are, you want to avoid working on your taxes over public wi-fi connections like a cafe or in an airport. the following should raise some red flags for consumers. more than one tax return filed in your name, a balance due for a year, you didn't file a tax return, i.r.s. records pointing to more wages than you actually earned in a year or state or federal benefits canceled because of an income change reported to an agency. if you receive a tax notice and you think maybe this is
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identity theft, you want to get in touch with the i.r.s. immediately. the agency says they've doubled the number of employees working on identity theft cases in itself past year. nearly 1.2 million last year reported to the i.r.s. that they had their identities stolen. our lesli foster reported last night this is a crime where you can be victimized over and over again. it's a great story that you can watch only on wusa9. >> the red flags were great. those i never heard of. thanks, jess. a day of service to honor the men and women serving our nation. >> when we return, we'll tell what you jeep is doing today and how you can participate. stay with us. some times the big plan doesn't work.
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howard here with your weather first. a prettier day than on tuesday, more sunshine. temperatures seasonably cold with a high of 40 in hagerstown to 50 in fredricksburg. looking for mid-40s here in d.c. your seven-day forecast is coming up in just a few minutes. here's a live look from our sky 9 on the inbound side of i- 66 at route 50. it's pretty normal here as you come through fairfax to the beltway and vienna. no problems on the beltway itself through the tysons area. i'll have news for vre commuters in my next report. >> thanks, monika. our service men and women put their lives on the line
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every day for our freedom. jeep and the uso have launched a new campaign to address their special needs as well as those of their families. with the launch of operation safe return, jeep will host a day of service at the new family center at fort belvoir. here to talk more about tuso slone gibson and kim house with jeep. thank you both for being here with us this morning. kim, i want to start with you. during the commercial i saw the commercial jeep put out and the message was "till we're whole again." this is a way to make the country and these families whole again. >> it was for sure. it was a heartfelt message from our brand and america, too, to our returning troops. this is really one vehicle to do that, to celebrate their service. >> what does is stand for? >> safe stands for secure transport. that is our opportunity to give
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vehicles however they see fit. a is for-to-assist with employment initiatives, military vehicle incentives as the troops transition back into civilian life. f is really freedom adventures. that is to celebrate them through homecomings and finally enduring care which is pivotal with the opening of the warrior and family center because that will help the ill, the wounded as they rehabilitate. >> and their families. that's where the uso comes in. this is a partnership that's been going on for a long, long time. jeep is donating a million dollars in vehicles and funds. how will it use the funds to make these families whole again? >> the war yar family -- the warrior family center is a place of healing for troops and families because healing happens in places other than a operating room or physical therapy room. it also will help us deliver employment transition programs not only at that center but at locations all over the country this year. >> how difficult is it for the
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military man and woman to make that transition from the service, the battlefield to home and to work, especially if they're wounded? >> you know, veterans face a whole array of challenges as they make the transition. our wounded troops and their families have those challenges as well as all the others. they pay be suffering from an invisible wound, traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress. the programs we deliver are tailored to help them get ready for that transition. >> what will happen at this day of service? >> today the entire brand is really supporting and embracing the uso and the warrior and family center through a day of service. we have employees coming from throughout the country today to assist with that. we have an open house where we'll have 250 or more troops and their families. and our employees are basically going to kick off a day of service. we invite everyone to join us with and create a movement to really celebrate these great
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men and women who sacrificed so much. so using hash tag joint osh, it's not just our brand that can embrace these troops. it's really a nation. >> we thank jeep for the partnership it's half and uso for all the work it does for our service men and women 365 days a year. >> thank you. we're looking pretty good today. still a few clouds out there this morning but we're going to get back to partly if not mostly sunny conditions. lunch time low to mid-40s. we'll get to the mid-40s for the high today. about 45 here in d.c. the winds 119 miles an hour out of the -- 119 miles an hour out of the northwest. 45 is the average high. stuck with mostly cloudy skies this morning but it's generally dry out there. temperatures above freezing in most areas although college park and bowie are at 32 along with millersville. eight 36 in rockville. -- it's 36 in rockville.
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35 in lovettsville. in dumfries this morning, they're at 28 degrees. alexandria at the freezing mark as well. looking at our michael & son weather camera, you see some of the light reflecting off the clouds overhead. with the slight wind, it feels like 32. miewmedty at 70 -- humidity at 70%. the weather headlines, a bright but brisk wednesday expected. more clouds. tolder tomorrow. we'll struggle to get above 40. a cold wet friday and wintry mix northwest of d.c. friday morning. best chances for that will be along north and i-70, along and west of i-81. even areas in upper montgomery, loudoun, fauquier could be seeing some of that wintry mix in the early morning hours of friday. we're watching just a few snow showers from western new york over toward eastern massachusetts. otherwise a fairly quiet looking satellite and radar composite. on our futurecast, we'll show you expecting the sunshine at midday. sunshine to clear skies this
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afternoon. should be a good looking sunset. tonight generally quiet but tomorrow morning, we start to see a few clouds. they really increase in the morning to the midday here. in the afternoon overcast. a temperature 40, 41 for that high. then the moisture moves in from the south thursday night into friday morning. should be cold enough out to our west. look, the bluest snow, the pink is the mix. it all depends on how much cold holds on and whether or not we have a little problem, a little more than that but with the timing friday at 6:00 a.m. and schools trying to get going here along and north of 70 along and west of 81, that would be the most likely areas for a few problems, delays, even closings not out of the question friday morning. this thing heads up to new england and really pounds areas from new york up to boston but more like hartford and boston up to maine with heavy snow friday into saturday. 45 degrees, seasonable. low 20s north and west. tomorrow 41 with increasing clouds and then a cold, wet friday. we may have to turn that to a
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yellow alert on friday with the rain and the wintry mix. 40 degrees on friday. saturday 42. sunday 50 and by monday and tuesday, more rain, temperatures on the mild side above the 50-degree mark. monika samtani, you're smiling. it's wednesday morning. we have troubles for travelers. >> i'm just trying to make things a little better by smiling but you know what? things aren't getting any better, especially if you're going to take metro at silver spring station. there are switch problems so expect delays there in both directions on the redline, vre has been experiencing problems all morning. there's no service at the brooke or leeland stations right now. trains will continue if quantico up north but they're delayed at least 20 minutes more. metro will honor your ticket so that might be a good idea unless you're heading to silver spring. the beltway north of town looks okay. a little slow as you leave college park now into silver spring. let's take a couple of live looks outside. on the northbound side of i-95, it's pretty normal. dale city to woodbridge and then here in springfield.
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395, let's go there now on our vdot camera where you have the slow traffic at duke street. i know there had been a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. it attracted attention and closed this delay. one more time mdot camera 270, route 109 to 121. you hear me say this every single day. give yourself extra time. we heard about the first prize our area won yesterday. the texas transportation institute says what? d.c. has the worst congestion in the nation. it tops l.a., san francisco, new york, boston. we spend an average of 67 hours and 32 gallons of gas stuck in traffic every year. it costs each driver more than $800 wasted annually. so really what i want to look at is the solution. i kind of did some research. one thing is of course transit use. telecommuting, tow trucks poised on major routes is what the study suggests, signal light timing, more green on the major routes through the rush
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hour, adjustable toll lanes. we now have that, the 95 express lanes and biking. i had a friend who biked 14 miles each day to work unless it is 20 below. we need to clear crashes more quickly. i think this is the best solution. employers should help their workers destress by communicating with them. you should plan ahead. if there's an issue, telecommute, work from home, wait till after the issue is cleared. then head out on the roads. i really think honestly for me, that is the best solution. >> we've always said over the years in d.c., like california, there's no way out if you get stuck on one of those roadways. >> like george washington parkway during a major snowstorm or things like that. >> we have major events and look what happened trying to get to the ravens event. >> they almost missed their
6:19 am
party. >> plan ahead and give yourself extra time. >> i call it guest lost time. time now for another look at the question of the morning at 5:19. a british heart foundation recently conducted a study on clothes in the workplace. 25% of men said they wish women at work would do this. is it a, cover up more, b, stop wearing animal prints, c, stop criticizing other female workers for wearing those animal prints? >> it makes me laugh. gail wrote c, c, c, c, c. not a day goes by that i partake or hear things. i know it's not a good thing, i know. >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page, leave your response. we'll have more of them and the correct answer
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mm i went pott!
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th'sreat, honey.... wher for life's bleachable moments. welcome back. 6:22. your weather first on this
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wednesday morning. some clouds now but we're expecting sunshine to return today, unlike yesterday. should be a pretty decent day for february as the high temperatures will make a climb toward the mid-40s. 43 by noon. 44 at 4:00. i'm expecting a high today right about 45 but closer to 50 towards fredricksburg. by 8:00 we're back in the 30s. no problems today but some problems here possibly by friday morning. more on that coming up. right now here's andrea. >> thanks, howard. last nightmare vincent gray laid out some new proposals in the annual state of the district address. much of that agenda centers around continued economic development, the kind that has attracted thousands of new residents. senate democrats have rejected two amendments that would have provided some transportation money in virginia. this comes the same day as d.c. being named the most congested city in the country when it comes to traffic. governor mcdonnell issued a statement saying clearly this was about partisanship and not policy. he says virginians deserve far better from their elected
6:24 am
officials. terrifying moments inside to local jewelry stores. for the second time in two days crooks hit in broad daylight. >> coming up, delia goncalves is going to be live. they has the latest what investigators are saying about this and how you can help find these people. gl on the northbound side of 395, it slows through landmark. once you're here at the pentagon, though, things are looking good to the 14th street bridge and into downtown. a quick look at 270 as well. not so good route 109 to 121 although it looks better through germantown. back with more in about three
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♪ and it's beautiful
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we are back at 6:28. this is always the place to get your weather first. this is a live look at the jefferson memorial and the nation's capitol in the twinkling lights in the early morning hours. good morning. i'm andrea roane. it's 37 degrees outside. looks like it's going to be a much nicer day as we moved forward. over to you. >> outside on the weather terrace, skies are clearing here in d.c. so sunshine will be the word of the day. as very nice, mid-40s no highs, even 50 down south. looking your day planner, unlike yesterday, we are going to have the sunshine as temperatures climb into the low 40s by 11:00. mid-40s here no the afternoon temperatures. winds out of the northwest at 10 miles an hour. could gust to 15. so just a bit of a breeze at times. your drive home temperature
6:29 am
still comfortable, 42. yesterday afternoon, evening had a few snow showers, rain showers. they're gone. a couple of sprinkles or snow showers in western new york across i-90 to about boston. around here with the clearing skies, temperature down to 30 in gaiters burke. mid--- gaithersburg, mid-30s winchester, leesburg 37 with a 29 in la plata. again temperatures will range from 40 in hagerstown to 50 in fredericksburg. about 45, 46 here in d.c. i do want to tell you, though, that after today, tomorrow looks cloudier. we're going to see temperatures dropping a little bit into the low 40s for highs with the clouds thickening up. by friday morning, some of you are going to be seeing a little bit of slow, sleet, freezing rain, especially north and west of town as you get toward i-70, 81 better chances there but would not surprise me if parts of upper loudoun, montgomery county see the wintry mix before friday turns just cold and wet with high temperatures only around 40. but it will be clearing out some for the weekend. it is now 6:30, time to check
6:30 am
in with monika samtani. she's got the latest timesaver traffic. we are just having a lot of problems with public transportation this morning. first of all want to let you know metro's red line experiencing delays both directions in silver spring because of switch problems. also vre no service at the brooke or leeland stations because of an earlier problem. your trains are delayed at least 20 minutes. metro is honoring your tickets, by the way. also an accident right now just north of the beltway in four corners. it's southbound on route 29 at university boulevard. blocking off the right lane and it is right at the height of the rush hour. that is going to cause delays in the four corners area. we're trying to get -- wait for sky 9 to arrive there. they haven't yet but we will have a look at that for you in a few minutes. in the meantime let's go outside live. here's what it looks like on the beltway nearby new hampshire avenue. no issues till you get to university boulevard. it slows down through that stretch of silver spring. a live look over in virginia on the northbound side of i-95 and
6:31 am
395. the normal slow stretches this morning. back to you, andrea and mike. >> thanks, monika. time so see what our partners over at cbs this morning are doing. >> i talked to her in new orleans but never saw her. good morning. gayle. i hope you had a great time in my hometown. >> i know, mike and andrea. i was looking for you because i got to spend some time with -- spend some time with jc hayward. i was excited to see a little piece of channel 9. we get a look at f.b.i.'s hostage rescue team, the unit that saved the kidnapped boy in alabama. we were there when scientists tagged a great white shark off the east coast. months later we have new information about where they're going. also cbs news has learned about big changes planned for your mail delivery. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. you're so lucky to be from new orleans. they have some of the nicest,
6:32 am
nicest people there. >> yes, i would have to agree. i'm glad you had a great time there. next time we'll get together in the same spot, you, me, and jc. and kevin can come along, too. >> apparently they have a good place for pedicures too, gayle. >> that's right. >> thanks, gayle. >> we'll be watching later on. itself news starts at 7:00 a.m. in new york. it's 6:32 right now. two local police departments are investigating two jewelry store heists. >> although they happened in separate states, both smash and grabs happened within a two-day span of each other and while the stores were open for business with customers inside. >> both of these incidents were caught on camera. people smashing the display cases. delia goncalves is live from arlington with one of the locations. she has more on the search for these people. delia. >> reporter: good morning. what happened in maryland, -- one happened in maryland. one happened in virginia. the good news here, no one was hurt. and that is fortunate because
6:33 am
as you mentioned, this is in the middle of the day. there were a lot of people around, including customers. so this could have gone very, very bad. a lot of employees and a lot of employers are saying thankfully our employees did exactly what they were told to do, even getting on the ground when these men came in the door. fortunately no one was hurt except for just some minor pepper spray incident that happened over in downtown frederick. let's take a look at some video of that scene in frederick. female employees there were sprayed with pepper spray tuesday. three men barge into the store at 1:30 this afternoon. they ordered employees to the floor at gun point. smashed the jewelry case with a hammer that they reportedly left behind. on monday four suspects also used a hammer to smash into the glass case at zales and pentagon city stealing $128,000 worth of rings. police think these robberies and the upcoming valentine's
6:34 am
day holiday could be related. >> they could be trying to peddle these rings for a profit. right now we do not have any lead. we're asking for the public's assistance in identifying the individuals we show in the surveillance video. >> reporter: the suspects in frederick, maryland and the suspects here in arlington, virginia, both had getaway cars. the suspect in frederick described as leaving in a car that was dark in color, an suv or a truck. we don't know much about the getaway car here in arlington, virginia, except that the drivers drove right through the garage and busting eventually breaking right through the mechanical arm gate so they could make their get away. police want you to take a close look at that video. we'll post it on our website so you can take another look. if you recognize any of these suspects or have any information, you should call them right away. back to you. >> thanks, delia, live in arlington this morning. it is 6:34.
6:35 am
jessica doyle is live right here with another your money report. >> she is indeed. congress is still playing chicken when it comes to budget cuts and now jobs are on the line. >> it's a big deal. congress keeps playing politics and people are going to suffer the consequences. sequestration, still no deal out there. the latest is president obama has called on congress to pass a temporary budget bill. this could help avoid the upcoming sequestration budget cults that are scheduled to trigger on march 1. so right around the corner but it may come as too late for some local workers. some government contractors and subcontractors have already started notifying employees, they're going to be laid off in a few weeks unless lawmakers act quickly. and this continual limbo of last-minute stopgap measures is making future planning nearly impossible. >> the sun certainty is worse than the ultimate cuts. private sector companies are like living organize itches. we can a-- organisms. we can adapt but we need to
6:36 am
know what the living conditions are going to be in order for us to adapt. we don't have that right now. >> congressional budget office says sequestration could cost as many as a million jobs and put itself u.s. into a second re-- the u.s. into a second recession. cbo is predicting the economy will grow at a tepid 1.4% this year. budget cuts, tax increases have sliced the country's economic growth in half. that's why the unemployment rate will probably stay pretty much where it is right now at around 8%. but the good news is the economy is expected to pick up in 2014. that could push unemployment down but it could also set the stage for higher interest rates and inflation. amazing that we already know economic growth cut in half this year because of all this. the tax increase, the tiny tax increase they put into our paychecks, taking $4 billion out of our local economy. just that small change.
6:37 am
cutting our economic growth in half, too. >> exactly. >> thanks, jess. if you are battling the flu bug, you have plenty of company still. when we come back, we have some foods that you could eat so the next time around you and your family have a better chance of avoiding it. >> if you're looking for a job that utilized your repair skills, one group may be looking for you. the company has a maintenance technician ps open. it's -- position open. it's an entry level full-time position. you can get more
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itflts wheha ith hrad, t oos. inodinneusyd-lht a gh sndd hr re at fl mste. fr oheins. hyraig'sal fmus witlit,eesemira gie t80mo mstizio
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welcome back. 6:41. your weather first and a pretty sky this morning. skies are clearing. check this out. look at your tvs in case you're just listening. nice colors to the east here. sunrise about half an hour from now. day planner, maybe just a couple of clouds early. otherwise a mostly sunny afternoon. noon 43. 4:00 44. i think highs today about 45, 46 for the district. closer to 50 across southern suburbs. nothing serbably cold this morning with some upper 20s from williams port to
6:42 am
providence. new york is at 31. we have 45 if row he -- 45 in roanoke. relatively mild air around. dumfries is 29 with 32 at dulles. 36 in rockville. an dues 32. -- andrews 32. upper marlboro 31. there could be a little bit of frost out there. as we look at our current conditions, 37. national was reporting clouds at the top of the hour but the skies are clearing with a west, southwest wind at 6 and dew point 28 degrees. we're watching a little storm that passed to our north yesterday. we did have a couple of rain and snow showers in the afternoon. how quickly that thing scooted away from us. clouds in the mountains. you can't see it. there's a little bit of moisture coming in toward texas right now. some of that could be here toward friday morning. could be cold enough north and west where we're looking at potentially some problems then. but friday afternoon, friday night, saturday, new england could get hammered by heavy, heavy snowfall. here we are tonight.
6:43 am
generally clear. early tomorrow morning the clouds start to thicken. during the day we become overcast. even by lunch time. a cloudy finish to the day. here comes the moisture from the southwest. we stop the clock at midnight friday. again this is a computer model, not the gospel but i like what it's thinking. just cold enough for some snow. even our northern and western suburbs we could be seeing a little bit of snow. friday morning, i-70, i-81, north and west of those areas as this system moves up the coast bringing heavy snow to parts of the northeast and new york. around here the timing in the morning with a little wintry mix could be enough to cause some problems. 45 degrees this afternoon, seasonable. tonight 30 but 22 in the outer suburbs. 41 tomorrow as the clouds thicken up. a cold rain on friday. yellow alert day. but some wintry weather potential in the morning north and west. by saturday we're clearing, 42. sunday partly sunny, 50, and more wet weather monday, temperatures well above average into the 50s.
6:44 am
monika? >> whether you say skip over friday, that's what i'm feeling. skip over the commute, too. we're having some problems this morning. usually vre is great. today not so great. no service break or leeland stations -- brooke or leeland stations because of an early morning problem on the rails. metro is honoring your ticket abouts they're having problems on the redline silver station. both directions on the red line so keep that in mind for your travel plans. an accident in four corners. southbound route 29 at university boulevard, the accident blocks the right lane. that is causing delays as well, especially on route 29 this morning. let's go outside live and show what you it looks like here on the beltway university boulevard. the beltway is not affected by the accident. you've got your brake lights beginning at new hampshire avenue and heading west in toward silver spring. a last live look subpoena 270, an accident -- look southbound 270, an accident just reported
6:45 am
past 85. other than that, slow to 101. we're still in the height of flu season. many of us have gotten the flu shot already but there are some foods that can help us to prevent us from getting sick. in fact, 70% of our immune system is around our midsection, in our gut, right? joining us is registered dietician maurice. she has some foods we can talk about eating, flu season and all year long to try to help us. >> yes. because our immune system is in our gut, that makes what we eat very important. >> one of the ones you said you wanted to start with is soup. that seems obvious to me. chicken soup is what i gatt at a time you but -- gravitate to. >> this is a staple in japan. it's made from fermented rice, rye, beans or barley. >> is that tofu? >> that is tofu. the beauty of this soup is it's nationally rich in probiotics, the friendly bacteria that populate our gut and help build
6:46 am
our immune system. >> you see the commercials, probiotic whatever helps digestion. >> you can get it naturally from something like miso soup and as we age, probiotics, our good bacteria decline. if you take antibiotics, it kills the good bacteria. this is bok choy i added on the side. more vegetables. >> this comes with the same probiotics. >> it does. the thing i love about this greek style yogurt, it is high in protein and vitamins like a, c, d and e. excellent source of vitamins that we need for immune functioning. many americans are not getting enough vitamin d in their diet. so many people are low, deficient or have insufficient levels. vitamin d is readily available in foods but lost through
6:47 am
processing. >> love blueberries. let's talk chicken. >> you can add this to many meals. you can buy it minced or do it yourself. garlic may build our infection fighting white blood cells n. one 12-week study, the active component in garlic helped decrease incidence of viruses and colds and people get better sooner. >> they always say it's heart healthy too so you have another benefit. >> it is heart healthy. >> what about these? this is going to help you with colds? i'm in. >> if you didn't grab crab cakes while watching the raven, go ahead and get them. they contain about two-thirds of our zinc need each day. it helps build infection fighting white blood cells. you can get zinc from fortified cereals but you don't want to take a supplement without asking your physician because too much disimpg actually
6:48 am
suppress -- zinc actually suppresses your immune system. >> you know the pepper jacks help open up your sinuses. it 16:48. time -- it 16:48. time toens a the question of the morning. the british heart foundation conduct add study on clothes in the workplace. 25% of british men said they wish women at work would do n. a, cover up more, b, stop wearing animal prints or c, stop criticizing other female workers. our good friend ed wrote, believe it or not, it's cover up more. please don't take this wrong but how do you expect coworkers to take you seriously when you dress like lady gaga. well, ed, you're right. the answer is a, cover up more. the study found that most men believe hots, mini skirts and low cut tops should be banned from the workplace. yes. when they asked why, itself study said, they were
6:49 am
unprofessional and distracting. >> there you go. i've been combing through the daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites to find you deep discounts and my favorites include cake but we'll start with one for the kiddos. google offers has a deal with hooked on nonigs. $13 -- phonics. $139 for the complete program, a $299 value. how about an environmentally friendly auto detail. you can get your ride sparkling like new for 25 bucks. gilt city has the deal with eco detail and you're saving 50% off. finally this morning, giant food is celebrating 77 years in business as a thank you to customers, all store locations are giving away a sly of birthday cake -- slice of birthday cake to anyone who comes in between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. a check of the ne
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welcome back. your weather first. pretty looking morning. skies are clearing across itself region. we'll see a good deal of sunshine. seasonably cold. highs from 40 to 50. mid-40s here in the district. closer to 50 down south. again partly to mostly sunny. andrea and mike? >> thank you. purple rain and a day to remember. nearly 200,000 fans lined the streets of baltimore and then filled m&t bank stadium near capacity. the ravens wanted -- the fans wanted to celebrate with the team. >> they had to close the doors to stop people from coming in. the team and all the coaches emerged from the smoky tunnel for the final time this season
6:54 am
to a crowd far bigger than anyone expected. >> i've never seen anything like it. i don't know if anybody here has. if you ven anything like this before? -- have you seen anything like this before? this is phenomenal. we have pictures of people scaling the outside walls to get in. >> no better team right now this year can beat these boys, not us, not in the world. >> 1996 to now, we believed in each other, baltimore. >> ray lewis continued on to say that he loves the city of baltimore for forever, ever, and ever. >> he is of course retiring. 6:54. >> one last check of weather and traffic
6:55 am
6:56 am
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6:58 am
one more thing we want to tell you about. donald trump is suing a talk show host for $5 million. >> it all came from a joke made last month. he said wee fork over $5 million if the billionaire could prove he wasn't part of an orangutan. >> he presented his birth certificate saying he's 100% human. he wants him to pay up, citing a breach of contract. weather wise the sun is back. we'll northbound the mid-40s, close to 50 down south. tomorrow 41. clouds thicken up. friday could have a wintry mix. be prepared for problems friday morning. then clearing for the weekend with a big snow possible later
6:59 am
friday, saturday up toward new york and new england. monika? since early this morning, vre has been having problems at the brooke station. you can see people waiting at the platform. major delays. dow down. futures looking higher. we'll see if we get there. more on the hostage situation that ended in alabama. howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> if you can't join us while at work, you can get news, weather and traffic always on join us tomorrow morning at 4:25. take care, bev. see you at noon.


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